Alex Perez



''I've always had great admiration for Samuel since I met him years ago, and the positive energy he emanates is amazing. Knowing that he planned to start a career as a motivational speaker excited me, and I knew I had to be part of his dream. I did not think twice and went to support him. I had seen videos of him, and liked what I saw, but the way he handled a live performance was extraordinary. Following his suggestions, I improved in all aspects including developing a great sense of humor. Definitely, Samuel has a gift for motivating and reaching people, and continues to do so and fight for his Dreams."

Carlos Garcias

(Human Resources)


''Experience, through the years, has shown me who my real friends are. If I were to count them, I would only need one hand. On that hand, there would be a place just for my dear friend Samuel Acosta. I've heard before, that in moments of crisis you will see who is there for you and who is not. When I have found myself in a cloud of confusion, he helped me find peace. Without a doubt he is brave and ambitious. I admire his drive to make his dreams and his goals a reality. He leads by example and a kind-hearted person. He reminds me that Real Friends still exist. I don't know anyone else like him; he is a special person and when I needed a friend during the crazy battles of life Samuel has been there. At times when I have felt lost, he helped me find strength. It's great honor to call you friend and I know your book will touch the hearts of many. Samuel is willing to work hard to get what he wants and he has accomplished much. I commend you my friend, for all the people whose hearts you have touched, and those close around you.''


Lesticia Serrano

(Professional DJ)


"In my life, I've met all kinds of people. Some have been close friends, others distant acquaintances. The important thing is what I have learned from every one of them. I want to mention a very special person to me. That person is Samuel Acosta.  He taught me many good things that I can implement in my own life. He taught me the following: how to fight for the things I want, to never give up, how to set goals and deadlines. He also advised me and gave me many positive messages, to keep my mind focused on my goals. He is a excellent person and someone who is a positive influence in my life."


Elvis Boves

(Math Teacher)


''In the short time I've known Samuel Acosta, he has inspired me to fight for my dreams, confront the adversities of life, and always face them with a smile. He is a fighter, a positive person and is focused on helping others.

Samuel,—Thanks so much for what you've taught me in such a brief time."


Yuri S. Hinton

(Professional Barber)


''Samuel Acosta is a great man of faith. He has shown me what persistence and perseverence are all about. Any man who can come to an unknown country, and develop himself into a man of strong character and powerful leadership, is a man of success. Everyday Samuel Acosta does something to strive towards his personal goals and responsibilities. If I have learned anything from his example, I have learned to set goals for myself and strive for them. When I first met Samuel, he had a regular job just as so many others do today. On top of his regular employment, now Samuel Acosta is a Business Man, Motivational Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur. He is a man destined for greatness.''