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Becoming a speaker.

Samuel was introduced to a Network Marketing company where he learned self-improvement thinking from business individuals. In it, he was introduced to reading books and watching videos of great personalities within the field of personal development, including Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, and Napoleon Hill among others. The tools he learned helped him to observe his life keenly, and learn from his life experiences and his surroundings. This urged him to become a motivational speaker to provide incentive and energy to this fatigued and drowning world. Samuel wants to be the helping hand to lift people from their lowest position.


He attended motivational seminars to expand his knowledge and mind. Then Samuel took his first step in making his dream come true by creating a YouTube channel, Samuel Acosta Channel, in which he describes and explains his innovative system for inspiring people around the world. He continued to challenge himself: On February 23, 2014 he held his first live event as a motivational speaker. He called the event "Find Yourself", and he was proud to share his knowledge based on his personal experiences, presenting a unique approach to help his audience find the real you. Subsequently, he has held events at various non-profit organizations throughout New York State, as well as on radio.


To find one’s destiny has been the main purpose, ambition, and force driving the human spirit. To move from the paradigms oppressing us to a space of creativity, introspection and authenticity is the journey that we embark on as we find and shape our destiny. In his first book, Find your Destiny, Samuel Acosta Ynoa, through his vulnerability, sensibility and vision guides us to a space where we can stop, reflect and craft the destiny we want, the destiny we deserve. As a speaker, Samuel demonstrates that he is a vessel of light, constantly motivating folks to be their better selves and invites us all to contribute as human beings in the development of our community.

Leandro Rodríguez / Latino Commission on AIDS/ Vice-President of Programs

Samuel Acosta Ynoa shares his ideas and life perspectives in a unique and practical way in his book Find Your Destiny. I had the privilege to meet him at one of his lectures, and ever since I have been following his websites, attending his workshops, and of course purchasing his wonderful book. I have read his book several times, and his words and ingredients in every single page are mind openers with different techniques of how to change the power of imagination in order to achieve your goals. Mr. Acosta has been a great inspiration to me, and there is no doubt in my mind the words in his book Find Your Destiny made a change in my life. And I will always thank him for that.

Erika Hidalgo / Northwell Health Hospital / Health Educator




A powerful orator, like Samuel, helps to stay up-to-date by sharing the most recent reasoning trends and hoping to increase focus and dedication in people. This can help transform apparent difficulties into more promising circumstances, or even successes. Samuel can assist people with improving their public speaking abilities and overcome fears with a pragmatic learn-by-doing approach.  Here are the following topics Samuel specializes in:


“A leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way”. Samuel with his great leadership expertise and experiences is here to teach self-growth, and then how to lead the world with your capabilities. Honesty, Integrity, Commitment, and Passion are the qualities a leader should possess. Contact Samuel directly to learn how leadership mindset shifts to encouragements during challenging times.


Are you doing what makes you happy, or are you trying to live happy by the will of others?  Samuel is here to teach how “self-love leads to self-development”. Focus on self-love and self-worth rather than trying to manifest love externally. According to Samuel, self-love is the key to happiness and the development of your personality. Love yourself and raise your vibration that will resonate with your energy. You will find love in the eternity of your soul as long as you start growing by yourself.

Goal setting

Are you distracted from your real focus? Learn from Samuel how to set your goals and lead the world. He says, “Do not let your fears be bigger than your goals”. No one can define success without having a perfect vision of his aim or goals. Setting goals is the step to turn dreams into reality. Samuel will help to set the right direction for your goals, and then how to stay persistent to achieve them.


Distractions are enough for switching attention. Learn self-discipline from Samuel and take time to recharge, reflect and raise your thoughts. Nurture your body, mind, and spirit. The ownership of self-discipline empowers you to stay consistent in your dealings and acts, leading to progress and achievements. It additionally gives you the force and inward solidarity to beat addictions, tarrying, and sluggishness to finish whatever you do. Contact him directly for guidance.


“Change your mindset, change the world”. Samuel says the mindset of a person is the ultimate and legitimate bond that helps you to grow into a better person. A leading mindset never settles for less. Samuel teaches people how to change their failure mindset to a hustle mindset, which not only makes you happy, but also unlocks your greatest potential.

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