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"Writing is the simplest way to immortalize thoughts."

Writing is a "solo" endeavor; the artist is collaborating and coexisting with himself/herself in perfect harmony, expressing his or her creativity and talent on paper, to produce the best. I feel the development of writing is a beautiful process, where ideas take shape with hands and eyes, which are aligned with the imagination to give life to something not previously tangible. The moment we read a sentence in an essay, newspaper, book, etc., that small piece is the final product of a reasoned process; the writer generated ideas, organized and simplified them into a language people can read and understand the transmitted message. Being a writer is not easy, but it is not impossible either. We all have a hidden writer deep inside, but few of us are aware of it. It is not required to have a diploma in English literature to write, you only need the DESIRE. Writing takes time and energy, but when you have in your arms the product of hard work, it is very rewarding. You feel proud of yourself and what you are capable of doing. Once the creative process is over, the result provides the motivation to continue, set higher goals, and explore unknown and unfamiliar paths. The more you go through new experiences, the more you learn. And it is then, when we discover all learning causes a change, and every change brings an improvement. If the knowledge learned is applied with the desire to expand horizons, in the end it produces benefits for all involved.


I feel each writer is inspired by other writers. We need each other to reach our own destination. Although each writer has his own distinctive path, I think we all look for the same thing: to be published and read. When I listen to testimonies of other people about their processes in making their goals come true, I realize these provide insightful knowledge and motivation. At the moment you become aware of all the possible setbacks, obstacles, roadblocks, errors and necessary sacrifices, it is a small miracle the goal of publication was ever reached. These stories provide the inspiration that what was once achievable for these writers may also be achievable for ourselves. It is this faith which encourages overcoming the struggle for the desired goal in the real world. Oh, friend that is when the real magic begins.

Everything has a Beginning

Everything in life has its process and always starts from scratch.

I am new to the art of writing, but in order to be the best version of myself, as a writer, I needed to read books from the genre of my choice. When I started writing my first book "Find Your Destiny", a book of motivation and personal development, I started the task by reading self-help books on leadership and psychology among others. This was in order to broaden the topics of my book, and also understand the styles of each author to communicate a message, through stories, exercises, etc. This helped me unify what was learned, WITHOUT copying from others. My goal has always been to be unique and different. For a person to achieve success anywhere in the world and in any circumstance, I feel they must maintain their own identity. Being different is beautiful, and it gives you more visibility in the crowd.

Lovers of the Same Passion

Every year I meet writers from different countries-- Puerto Rico, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Spain, Cuba, Italy, or the Dominican Republic, in one of Manhattan’s public libraries. Manhattan is one of the five boroughs of New York City; New York is one of the 50 states in the United States. These gatherings are called “Tinta, papel, y…Café”. It is a safe space, where we read our writings, we make suggestions, we share our ideas and stories, and we learn about marketing, etc. Most extraordinary are the different people who write on cooking, poetry, short stories, novels, motivation and other diverse topics and genres. That diversity makes it possible for all of us to learn a little more about each other’s fields, and thus keep the flame of inspiration ignited. These meetings helped me to open my mind, to see beyond my comfort zone and to explore new paths. Two of my new projects are poetry and the novel. At this moment I am writing poems, and a novel. I am new to these two trails, but I am ready for the challenge. Because really, I have a strong reason to do what I do.

It does not matter where you are; simply know there are people in the world who have a passion or vision similar to yours. Do not let your art remain just a thought. YOU, and ONLY YOU, can bring that idea to life. We always have to seek help; find your help from successful people who have experienced a similar path to yours.

Their stories will be the passport you need in your bags to travel new routes. The fear of making mistakes will always be present; just don’t let it dominate your day. Today I will tell you something; fear lets you know where you need to go. You could ask yourself: "Do what?", "Where?", and I will answer you in a soft voice: Towards there, following that fear, because that's where your growth, your freedom and your destiny is. Never let that fear stop you. Hug it and make it your best friend. YOU have the last word.

I wish you the best of the world,

Samuel Acosta Ynoa

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