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Untold story

Untold story

“The stories are the foundation of our identity”. Andrew Solomon

Very true. Today, there are people who are reluctant to share their stories. And the question that can wander in our mind is: "Why does that happen?” Today, I can affirm this behavior is due to the ghost named "fear". All of us have had experiences with it, at different levels. Our mind is the creator or mother, is who feeds it. It helps us to create things or situations in our minds that are not real. Knowing this, many individuals, including me, are afraid to share our story because we want to protect something ... and that something is "OUR IMAGE”. We do not want to be seen as weak idiots, after sharing our experience. There is another thing that has the potential to stop us from sharing our story. It is our belief our story is not important; for the simple fact that it is similar to another’s individual story.

Today I come to defend your story. It has the power to change the lives of many people. But if you cannot share it, how can you provide light and hope to others? I would like you to imagine you and I went together on a trip to Cuba; we went to the same places, we ate the same dishes and enjoyed the same drinks. At the moment, we return and share the story of our trip. When we talk to our friends and family about our experiences, we will go in different directions, and express different emotions, generated by different thoughts. Our stories are similar, but not the same, and that is where the beauty is. Therefore, I invite you to share your personal experiences.

Have you have gone through something that broke your heart, hurt you a lot and you still carry it inside you, locked in a suitcase, the one you have been carrying around for many years? Over time you feel tired because it weighs upon you more and more. One way to relieve the weight is to open the suitcase and share that experience with other people. It does not necessarily have to be with many, it can be with just one. At first it can hurt a lot and can make you cry when you share it. Every time you share your story you release a bit more angst, and take control over the situation. This process allows you to heal and at the same time helps others, who are probably going through something similar.

I invite you to share your story. This world needs to hear your story, I want to hear it and learn from it,

Samuel Acosta Ynoa

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