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“You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art

to see your soul”-George Bernard Shaw

Wow! Amazing words! I completely agree with it. Art fully reflects the soul of its creator. That artist has a special gift, a unique gift. It is the ability to give life to that which has no life. In other words, to revive what was dead. From the sad melody of a guitar, to the sweet taste of a cake. Like the movement, time, and space of a tango dance. Even a black or blue pen painting on the white skin of paper. Art is present, with the capacity to be felt by the five senses, to influence the deeper change in our being.

I want to make a confession to you...

For a long time, I hated writing. The reason was always multiple grammatical and spelling mistakes. At school, I always avoided writing at the blackboard because of fear of being criticized by the teacher or other classmates. That erronous thinking, did not allow me to make mistakes, and interrupted my growth. When I used to hear the terms reading and writing, it seemed boring. I was blind, afraid, denying myself the opportunity to experience those two fields more in depth. The moment I found my passion to become a motivational speaker, it led me to read books and write my thoughts on paper without realizing it. Through these readings and writings, my love for those two activities grew. One day a friend, Leticia Maria Serrano, told me it would be good for me to give myself the opportunity to put my ideas into a book. I thought it was a great idea. That book would fully reflect my soul and spirit in the service of others with words of encouragement. In 2017, I published my first book entitled Find Your Destiny. That book showed me how ironic life is - before I did not want to know anything about writing and reading. Now, I can’t live without it. Writing helps me translate my ideas onto paper, which becomes immortal, undressing my soul and turning those writings into art.

What is Art?

For each person, that word has different meanings. I will share what art is for me. Art is a creation, an expression of something or someone.

Mother Nature manifests her art through her creations. These we can appreciate with our five senses; the endless varieties of plants, animals, insects, colors, terrains, oceans, etc. The four seasons of the year shows another form of expression. We human beings are part of that creation. Therefore, WE ARE ART. We represent art; we are beings of light, energy, wisdom and greatness. Each of us is or is not aware of the power we all have. We can give life to something that did not exist before. All creation by the hand of man is art: writing, painting, cooking, photography, dance, clothing design, craftsmanship and the list never ends…

Unfortunately, there are people who have never realized they are artists. Others are aware they are. But, they have the negative belief they are not, or will not be successful, or accepted by others in their social circle.

Why does this happen?

For years, some artistic expressions have been categorized as being for only one specific gender. Therefore, when the opposite sex wishes to practice any form of expression, opinions will come from both inside and outside our purviews.

Negativity comes from different places. But if you have a STRONG REASON, opinions and circumstances will not stop you. A few days ago, I saw a one-minute YouTube video, about an eleven-year old boy named Gabe. In the video he spoke about the process of practicing, learning and living ballet. That type of dance is his passion and his way of presenting his emotions through movement, time and space. He receives countless negative comments for doing something different. BUT, that has not stopped him. Rather it has motivated him to continue living his art. He has taken the responsibility to face those negative opinions to defend what he loves. Please, click on the link below to watch a video of this great fighter.


Regardless of gender, fear lives in each one of us. Everything new, causes fear. And each of those fears has its own face: mockery, criticism, errors, failure etc. These fears come from the ideas sold by society, which undoubtedly has the weapon to murder our passion. BUT, Gabe is a great example of someone who continues to live his dream regardless of life’s adversities.

Artists Inspire Each Other--Kerstina Renee

I have a friend named Kerstina Renee. She is a writer. She has a blog where she publishes different articles about clothing styles, music, personal life and inspiration. I’m fascinated by her writings, skills and style. Kerstina combines a variety of arts: photography, fashion, and writing, among others. These elements are in perfect harmony, complementing each other, making the post more attractive to the eye of the reader. Also, it helps to make the message clearer and simpler. That simplicity makes it easier to understand her message. Kerstina works with a photographer to capture images used in her writings. The most beautiful of all is that they are taken in different spaces in New York City. Her images have a special power to tell a beautiful story of the places where she went, as well as the style of clothes used the photos.

When I see Kerstina’s photos in her Blog, I realize she has the ability to play with clothes. Mixing wisely: colors, fabrics, styles… Achieving great looks and very trendy. Something that is not easy to do. She is breaking the rules and risking herself. This inspires her followers to do the same, one of whom is me. Honestly, I feel Kerstina’s photos are a total success, virtually masterpieces. Seeing them can make you feel something. Feelings are generated by appreciating the majestic image. That portrait was captured by the camera forever, trapping the magic of each moment and space, reserving that last breath, thought and expression of her face. Those images have the power to move you from the present to the past. In the same way, from the present to the future. I firmly believe any individual who reads her work, will be able to imagine, feel her essence, passion and love for what she does. Which makes the difference.

Please, click in the link below which will lead you to her blog.


Artists Inspire Each Other--Katarzyna Suska

I have another friend who is a drawing artist. Her name is Katarzyna Suska. When I discovered her passion, I became curious to know more about her and her creations. Kasia, gave me one of her drawings as a gift two years ago. This great creation is in black and white. The image reflected in the drawing transmits mysticism and at the same time leaves everything to the imagination. It creates an unknown –is the face in the drawing an animal or a human being? Imagining her thoughts and feelings which generated each line of the image captivates and inspires me. The individuality and essence of her are captured in this great work of art. Through this piece she fully reflects her passion, and love for what she does. I had the opportunity to collaborate with Katarzyna Suska, for the creation of a drawing that is in my book Find Your Destiny. It is truly wonderful. Below this paragraph there are four of her pieces so you can also appreciate them.

Please, click in the link below which will lead you to see more of her pieces.


Currently, I’m exploring the world of writing. At first I started writing about motivation and personal development. Now, my desire is to explore new territories in the field of writing, such as poetry and novels. I understand that at the beginning of my new adventure it will not be easy. I will have to start from ZERO. I will be like a baby starting to walk in those new areas. I'm ready for the challenge! My desire is to exploit that part of my life and influence other artists to leave their comfort zones. Artists are often inspired by the works of other artists. Young Gabe is a warrior with great courage, who did not let his passion for ballet die. Kerstina Renee, is a risk taker; exploring different arts and combining them together to make incredible articles. Katarzyna Suska, is a very talented person with a passion for what she does. That passion is transferred into her extraordinary pieces. Artists such as these motivate me to continue in the fight. I will share a wish I have with you. In the not too distant future, I want to make a photo section, act in a stage play and write 3 songs. And I know I am going to make it happen.

Art has been my escape in difficult times, the warm towel that shelters me in cold moments. It is the big umbrella that avoids the caress of water in the rain. It is my way of confessing to the world my feeling about the good or bad that has happened to me in the past, transforming all that negative or positive energy into art. Art is my therapy; it is my home.

Your passion will help others to live their passion.

I invite you to practice your art and manifest your greatness,

Samuel Acosta Ynoa

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