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To be or not to be... is your decision.

"My biggest fear is not being different. It is to be like the crowd."

I wrote that phrase on my Facebook page, January 4, 2017, at 6:59 pm. Many people related to that thought, and they pushed me in the development of this article:

“To be or not to be... is your decision.”

The dependence of the human being in Society

Since birth, a human being has been dependent upon a social environment for many aspects of its development. That environment is the source that helps you to learn, adopt and adapt beliefs, values, norms, and languages among other things. All these elements help form the individual. During this process of evolution, he arrives at a stage in life where he has the maturity and necessary knowledge that allows him to think, analyze and act based on his own conclusions. This is a choice we all have to take to be able to arrive at another stage.

There is also a harsh reality. Much of the population does not live the life they want to live; they simply follow the same thoughts linked to the beliefs of the individuals who have surrounded them during their lives. Why does this happen? ... Well, in most cases, it is because we tend to follow the same patterns as other people. The reason for this is because it is our normal. Our beliefs are acquired from what has always been done, and what is already known to work. Therefore, these ‘inherited’ factors prevent people from leaving their comfort zones. A reluctance to choose to believe and do something different is simply based on fear.

Fear causes people to live their lives as a "cat," being aware or unconscious that one can live life as a "lion." This leads me to think the two greatest challenges a human being has is to be able to identify their being, and defend their own individuality. All living beings are different regardless of species. What makes us different from each other is in essence our skin color, eyes, hair, tone of voice, size, the way we dress, talk, and so on. All that goes from the simplest to the most complex...

Knowing this, why turn away from fear, if behind fear is freedom? An oasis of opportunity is available which will be yours as you deal and face your fears; you have to pay the price to get there. At some point in each of our lives we ​​have tried to behave "Normally" so our image in front of the world would not be affected; so others will not think badly of us nor feel ashamed of us. The question is: What is the reward or benefit of changing who you are? If it's having more friends, it's possibly valid. But would you have friends who love you being who you really are not? Why punish yourself by wearing a mask and hiding your true self beneath? Live your life like a theater, show the planet your real "I". Never be ashamed of being yourself in front of people, of showing your ideas, beliefs and goals. Each of us are different; the DIFFERENCE is what makes us unique, special and interesting.

I, Samuel Acosta worked hard for years to be accepted by people. I was constantly changing to make others feel good and comfortable. I succeeded in being very fluid; a teacher and graduate in a theatrical role. I managed to have many friends, but I felt LONELY. I also felt bad because I forgot about myself. I punished myself for being someone who I was not. I was following the visions and plans of other people instead of mine own. My two greatest fears were being evicted from a group and not being accepted. Over time I came to understand I have only one life, and it is necessary to live it as I choose. Finally, I understood my individuality is the most beautiful treasure I have, and the people who really love me will be on my side of being myself. I understood when I started to think independently, and explored other horizons and possibilities, I knew I would be faced with negative opinions.

Breaking the Rules

“The one who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. The one who walks alone, is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been. –Albert Einstein.

Throughout history, there have been people who had a different way of thinking, had ideas and beliefs which in their times were not something "normal"; therefore they were categorized as crazy. But in spite of opposition from society, they defended themselves were, their beliefs and novel ideas before the world. I have always heard this phrase: "All hard work always has its reward." And that's what happened with them, thanks to their arduous efforts they were able to give life to their ideas, which ultimately changed the destiny of humanity. People such as the Italian inventor Antonio Meucci who in 1854 invented the telephone, a device which allows a dialogue between two or more people in any part of the world. This invention revolutionized the way human beings communicate. In 1879, American Thomas Alva Edison invented the light bulb. An object that had purposes of providing light at night. Later, German car engineer Karl Benz designed and created the first car. He received a patent (which is the inventor’s right) for the automobile on January 29, 1886. The list of people who gave Your contribution to the world does not end...

Imagine what would happen if those people in their respective times had not shown their great ideas to the world. I urge you to take a moment to just IMAGINE, what life would be like now without the phone, the light bulb or the car. Think about it for a moment ... I've only mentioned 3 of the thousands of inventions people who had the perserverance to make it possible and left the "normal". I feel that without their creations, our planet would not be even a pinch of what it is today. If you stop at this moment to look around you, you will realize that everything around you made by man, was born first in someone's mind long before that person transformed it into something physical. I love a phrase from that says "The greatest progress of history was driven by people who in their time were considered too different to the thought of their time." I invite you to create, live, think, feel and listen to everything your heart tells you.

It's Time to Follow Your Destiny

Defending your idea peacefully is the best weapon each person can use.

I decided to become a motivational speaker, and I am struggling to give my best and live my passion, through the creation of videos on my YouTube "Samuel Acosta Channel,” the articles I write for my Blog, my book "Find Your Destiny", and also the talks I share with non-profit organizations. In my social circle, there is only one person who shares the same dream of being motivational. Walid Messili is a great friend of mine; he motivates me to fight for my goals and I motivate him as well.

I can tell you I have heard negativity from other people about what I do, but that can not stop me. Those comments are for me a fertilizer to the plant that I already planted. Friend, any career you want to take is your decision and not that of another person; every step you take has to be based on your own decision. Everywhere there will be people who will make you doubt your ability to realize your goal. Just trust in yourself, and in what you are feeling. They do not have the same vision you have about your idea. It is a very big challenge to have a different belief than them, because they live in the "Normal", and do not see beyond the place where they are.

You are different. You possess an incomparable essence and you have the power to predict your future. It is time for you to give yourself the opportunity to know yourself and to love yourself as you are. That will help you take control of your destiny without fear of what is to come. Never change who you are, to make others feel good. Be yourself, because that is beautiful. Defend all your ideas and thoughts because the world needs it. That action will provide a path for other pioneers. Your story will provide a step for others to do the same.

Do not be a Clone and Embrace your Individuality!

I wish you the best,

Samuel Acosta Ynoa

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