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Working with someone who does nothing

Working with someone who does nothing

At some point in your life have you worked with someone who does not work or want to work?

Have you felt angry and disappointed?

Have you thought about doing something about it after that episode?

If the answer to my questions is "YES", today I can tell you even if you think and feel you lost, and that individual won, I can assert that whoever wins in this situation is you. Yes, as you have read... It is you who wins, through reading this article you will know why, and learn about the thought behind always walking the “Extra Mile”. You will become aware of the benefits people who do not work lose.

In any environment, I can guarantee there will always be someone who will do less work than you. Imagine you find yourself working on a project with someone; imagine that partner is chatting a lot of the time with other people at work, or talking on the phone instead of working, is late for meetings, or does not complete small tasks that contribute to the completion of the project. Meanwhile you are sweating and breaking your back doing what you have to do to finish the assignment. When the project for that day, week or month is finished, at the end people like you, receive credit for completing the work. Now, the interesting thing is inside you know that unproductive person does not contribute to the finished product. This can create a sense of bitterness, anger, disappointment and conflict with yourself for not facing the slackers during the process.

I have the conviction and experience with similar cases such as the one that I present to you. We have all experienced similar episodes at some point at work, with the family or at school. You know, in some cases these events can give rise to a toxic thought. That thought might be: "If they are gaining credit for not contributing anything at work, should I do the same?”, or "if they are earning the same amount of money as me, working less than me, why give the best of me?”. If something like this has ever happened to you in your mind, I can tell you it is an incorrect attitude. Those thoughts can put a blindfold on your eyes, which will not let you see the person you can become. We have no power over others, we can not change their behavior. The only power and control you have is over your own life.

Already knowing that, we give way to being able to understand something that is so real about the behavior of these individuals. The way a human being acts in the workplace and school, is also manifested in all areas of his life. Actions are the perfect reflection of who we are, showing the world its true face and character. In, they use a definition of Santos (2004) on the character, which says: "Character is the seal that identifies us and differentiates from our peers, product of social learning." The character is based on 2 things: "Words and Actions." These are the two elements that tell the world who you are, the moment you talk and take action is when you show your character. I will share with you some of the many ways to cultivate character, one of them is when your actions and your words are in alignment, they are in balance corresponding to each other, that is called integrity. The second way is to be honest with all the people you come into contact with. The third is to give your best in everything you do...

A question that can go through our mind Why give the best of me at work? The reasons for doing so are very clear, when you give your best in your job, managers, co-workers, clients will see your effort and they will speak very well of you. The actions you take to develop a task, cultivate a relationship that is integrated between your bosses and you. In many cases they can elevate you to a new position, or give some recognition among other things. When you take actions you create a confidence in yourself and the things you are able to do, you develop your skills to the maximum, which over time increases your value in the market. These are some of the many benefits that people who do not give the best of themselves and do not work, can’t get. I like a phrase from Roger Staubach, which says “There are no traffic jams along the extra mile.” Those words cover everything, there is no traffic on the "Extra Mile” path, it's a clear path, free path which means that there is a sea of opportunities that are in abundance, which are reserved for those who walk the "Extra Mile".

Acquiring a new habit of walking the "Extra Mile" and always giving your best in everything you do, are your best allies to exercise the muscle of a new thinking, which will lead you to total success. When you apply that concept in the workplace, you will positively affect other areas of your life. There will always be people who do not work, but even so, I invite you not to let that affect your actions. I invite you to focus on giving the best of you and leave your mark on everything you do, that thinking will be your guide to live a life with excellence.

I wish you the best,

Samuel Acosta Yon

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