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The fall of the Phoenix bird or the victory of the same.

The fall of the Phoenix bird or the victory of the same.

“Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning,

when I wake up, I am reborn”. Mahatma Gandhi

The Phoenix is a majestic legendary bird of fire from Greek mythology. According to the myth, every 500 years the Phoenix was preparing to die and built a nest. Later, he used to sing the most beautiful melody and then burnt itself in flames until it was ashes. That great bird had the ability to be reborn from its own ashes. Something no other species of bird could do. Thanks to this, it became the perfect representation of strength, peace, hope, immortality and rebirth. All of the spiritual things a human being can not lose.

I, Samuel Acosta, feel we all have a Phoenix inside each of us. As we move on reading this article, you will learn, feel and know why.

Real World

Over time, people have had an erroneous belief about two paths. A belief has transcended from generation to generation as if it were a chain. And that toxic idea has been sold and clung to the minds of individuals as if it were a tattoo. Because of this, the ability to understand the two paths has been affected. Those two paths are "Success" and "Failure."

Next, I will share my philosophy about the two paths.

The Victory of the Phoenix.

When a person sets goals, he or she ignites the engines to start, having a goal embodied in his mind: To Win! That tentative feeling, motivates the individual to work with his whole being to reach his destination. But, during his journey, adversities will appear that will blow hard like an overwhelming and imposing wind, which may oppose them reaching their goals. But in spite of such strong winds, that person must have the strength and commitment to make their goal a total success.

After achieving their goals, the person enjoys the feeling of satisfaction of having achieved what he or she wanted. That gives you the opportunity to appreciate the whole "process". Fulfilling the contract he or she had with themselves helps to increase your self-esteem and to build more confidence in yourself. Because of this, that person sees him or herself taking the necessary steps to achieve their goals, using their 3 resources, money, energy and the most important: time. The most beautiful thing is that the process itself is the one that helps the person to see they can use the same philosophy or methods of thinking he or she used previously to achieve their first goal, to work on future projects. It is often called ‘the learning curve’. Once you have a piece of success under your belt, you have the self-confidence to tackle something that stretches your aptitudes and abilities.

The Fall of the Phoenix

Now we'll talk about the other side of the coin.

During the process of working on a goal there will always be negative thinking, which makes us afraid during the new path. Negative thinking often makes us feel different sensations about an event, or the product no one on the planet wants, or to have or a disastrous experience. Do you want to know what it is?...That event is called "Failure". In the real world, there are different challenges in each avenue we have to face. They can slow us down on the road or can stop us with a roadblock. I have often heard the phrase "Everything happens for a reason". That is why we must understand that failure occurs for different reasons, such as lack of a solid plan, discipline, motivation, organization, or experience among other things.

In some cases, you can give the best of yourself, every day working hard to get what you long for, but life often puts you to the test and even if you are giving your best, it will not be enough to get you what you want and you can fail. Now, the most important question is: Can failure make you a failed person? And the answer to that question is NO! The factor that determines everything is the way you interpret it.

Knowing this, the feeling of having fallen is very different from the feeling of success. The moment a person fails at something, they tend to feel disillusioned and may lose their vision to follow their path. Also, you may feel frustrated and insecure, you may feel it was your fault, or perhaps you did not have enough skills to carry it to a successful conclusion. That event can be planted in a person's mind and can create pervasive thoughts that everything in his or her life will go wrong. Then you can make comparisons with others and see their qualities, accolades and accomplishments. That makes their level of self-esteem diminish, because they are not seeing and appreciating the qualities they have and the things they have achieved during their lifetime. Destructive thinking can lead someone to frustration over failure. If that wound is not healed, it will be almost impossible for that person to express his greatness to the world and his power as a phoenix.

The rebirth of oneself.

Inside each of us lives a Phoenix. We have the ability to be reborn and let die those things that do not work for us and opt for the rebirth of a new person with new habits.

That is why I fervently believe that failure gives you a great opportunity to learn. It is like a teacher who teaches you the lessons that come from mistakes, which led him to experience that bitter taste. You should only look back and see past decisions that led you to have that unwanted result and thus you will get the gift of seeing what is not right about yourself, and be able to reflect on it.

After that, the next step is to forgive yourself. When you give yourself that gift, you allow space for the healing of your internal wounds caused by failure. Time will help you see life with a different perspective and you will look at failure not as the end, but as a new beginning. Then you will learn, amend mistakes and you will not commit them again. Thus, you can make way for change. I will mention again the phrase of Mahatma Gandhi I used at the beginning of this article “Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn”.

This means every day, you have to see as a new day to do something different. For example, work more in your personal development, dedicating more time to your family, and do the necessary tasks which take you closer to your goals.

Never see yesterday as your present. Frozen time is your past; do not bring those ghosts to your present. If you do, you will be a prisoner in the prison of your memories, while the world will go ahead without you.

No person is perfect, and part of being human implies making mistakes, which will lead us to fail multiple times. But each fall is momentary. In each of us lives a large and powerful Phoenix, which can be reborn repeatedly.

Today you can choose to take a positive attitude about mistakes. When that happens, you will be able to perceive a different world. That action will give you the wisdom and will be your guide during your path of life. The Phoenix you have inside can die today and bury the mistakes of the past, and be reborn repeatedly. The past is the past, the present must be lived to the fullest, and fight for your goals. That will provide a prosperous future for you.

You are great and special; never forget it!

I wish you the best,

Samuel Acosta Ynoa.

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