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From a self-help writer to a poet.

Samuel has another passion for writing, ‘poetry’. His love for poetry grew after he attended social gatherings of writers and book fairs in New York, and by reading some of the great poets such as Jorge Luis Borges, Félix Grande, and César Vallejo among whom Samuel considers his teachers. He has an amazing zest of giving life a beautiful meaning through his imaginations. He has started writing poems with a keen observation of life and its surroundings; he artistically puts all the fantasies of living life into spell-casting words worthy of admiration. And he shelters them in the immortal home. The lyrics offer, and shapes captivating poems. Now, he passionately writes poems and presents them to book fairs and Open Mic events in New York City to serve society. He wants others to inspared through his vision and better their lives in many ways.


“My life is a poem.” —Samuel Acosta Ynoa.

Soy Black, I am Negro 

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Soy Black, I am Negro. I am that mestizo boy with roots in Africa.

My thick lips are full of life. They are the warm water lake where my soul mate’s body can swim safely.


Soy Black, I am Negro. My afro-hair has the color of the earth where life is sown.

My skin is an unchained path of history and culture.


Soy Black, I am Negro. My skin color is like the night, which dances next to the moon in the sweet and crystal water of an oasis with joy. Together, tenderly rocking half of the world in a wooden chair, until falling asleep.


Soy Black, I am Negro. My broad and large nose has a beauty that does not compare with a ruby.

My ancestors ‘s bones have built entire civilizations of wood, cement, stone, metal and created homes for all the inhabitants. 


Soy Black, I am Negro. My brown eyes are stars that reflect the eternal beauty of my soul.

My skin color is the temple full of light, life, hope and dreams. It is my home…



I am black, soy negro.

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