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From speaker to Author

Since childhood, Samuel has been exposed to the world of words through reading stories and historical books at school. Initially having no interest in reading, but when he was introduced to the field of human development, he looked at books from another angle.  Samuel began his path in writing by composing motivational phrases on his Facebook account, which fostered in him a desire to deepen his thoughts and reflections.

From there he decided to start writing his first work Find Your Destiny. Without prior experience in the writing and publishing process, he researched articles and videos on the Internet and YouTube about “how to write a book’. After publishing the book, he discovered a new passion of ‘writing’. He saw it as a means to help others through words--to move his generation to overcome hindrances and meet their objectives. His love for letters led him to attend social gatherings of writers and book fairs in New York. There they share writings and analyze published works. He was inspired by other writers and their works to explore a new interest in two fields of literature: poetry and narrative.

FIND YOUR DESTINY is the magnum opus of Samuel Acosta Ynoa. This is the first outstanding book of Samuel. It's for those individuals who need more from life, and need to find their real selves. This will help you to deal with life; to assist you in choosing the correct way. This masterpiece is the key to acquire all your heart desires. You will want your fantasy to become reality and to carry on with an existence of riches and satisfaction without being influenced by the economy or innovation.


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New book

After his first book, Samuel’s imagination is still expanding to help people learn from life and leave their mark on the world. He is on a journey to introduce an exceptional way to help people track down ‘The real essence of life’. By sharing his own life experiences and learning from them, it has generated new modes of creativity.


Stay tuned in to learn about his upcoming new book, another masterpiece of his writings.

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