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Samuel Acosta, an extraordinary orator, is changing the lives of individuals by giving them motivation and becoming an inspiration.

Who is Samuel? 

SAMUEL ACOSTA YNOA stands out as a motivational speaker, poet, and storyteller. He was born in Tenares, Dominican Republic, on January 28, 1989. His grandmother, from whom he learned many lessons, including discipline, valuing work, appreciating life, and setting goals, raised him; those values ​​have shaped the man he is today.

He has lived in the US in New York since 2005. He graduated from Walton High School and studied Business Administration at TCI College of Technology, where he graduated in 2010.


He is a member of a group of writers called “Tinta, Papel y Café”, where they share writings and analyze published works. He is also a member of The Latin American Cultural Heritage, Inc., a non-profit organization whose focus is the dissemination of Latin arts and culture in the Big Apple.


He has made motivational and artistic presentations to various organizations and public libraries including the Corona Public Library, Queens Public Library, Voces Latinas, Oasis Latino LGBTS Wellness Center, AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Queens Pride House, Centro Cívico Cultural Dominicano, Comisionado Dominicano de Cultura, and FEDCAP, among others. He has participated in a variety of cultural events such as book fairs and Open Mic in New York City, where he has performed his poems. Some of his poems and stories have appeared in the Primera Antología Internacional de Poesía y Ficciones Hispanoamericanas organized by the Asociación Mundial De Escritores Latinoamericanos.

His mission is to encourage and motivate people, regardless of their origin, to achieve what their hearts indicate and live a life without limits. In 2016, he published his first work called Find Your Destiny, a book on self-help and human development.

"When some people don't believe in what you're doing and make fun of you, that means you're doing something great."

—Samuel Acosta Ynoa

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